Lapataia Expedition


Explore the nature of the place at its best

The expedition departs from the End of the World train station and reaches the National Park, where we’ll visit Ensenada Bay with its stunning view of the Andes - and where the southernmost post office in the world is located! We’ll continue on toward Lake Roca, surrounded by lush forests and mountains, before hiking the trails around Lapataia Bay.
Then, we will discover and observe local flora and fauna as we sail along the Beagle Channel on our exclusive ship, the Akawaia, toward Ushuaia Bay. This experience will surround you with the flavors and colors of the End of the World that evoke the natural beauty of the Andean landscape.


  When: November-March

  Duration: 6HS

  Price: USD 128

  Difficulty: Easy

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Direct access to private beach

Spa, Gym and Sauna

Transfers to the airport of Ushuaia and city free of charge