Cruising the Beagle Channel

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A tour along the Beagle Channel is an invitation to see Ushuaia from a different viewpoint.

We’ll set sail from Ushuaia’s commercial pier and cruise around Alicia Island aboard our exclusive boat, the Akawaia.
There, we’ll watch for seabirds like the steamer duck, sheldgoose, kelp gull, seagull, and snowy sheathbill. Near the Mary Ann and Les Eclaireus island we’ll observe South American sea lions and fur seals, as well as both imperial and rock shags. In addition to seeing the Les Eclaireus lighthouse, we’ll learn about the 1930 shipwreck of the SS Monte Cervantes.


  When: All year

 Duration: 3HS

 Price: USD 122

 Difficulty: Easy

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