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Eating in Ushuaia: Unique flavors in a magical setting

Signature options prepared with the most exquisite of local ingredients.

No visit to Ushuaia is complete without a taste of the mystical city’s signature gourmet dishes enjoyed over breathtaking views of the Beagle Channel. 

The temptation - for both gourmet aficionados and those keen to try something new - centers around discovering Tierra del Fuego’s most sophisticated and special ingredients.

The mission of Reinamora restaurant, located at Los Cauquenes resort and spa, is to bring a decidedly modern twist to traditional local recipes.

Spider crab - known in Spanish as centolla and characterized by its exquisite, delicate flavors - is one of the most sought-after delicacies by those visiting the southernmost part of Argentina. It also happens to be one of the superstars on the restaurant’s menu.

One of the several options available is spider crab cooked three ways - al natural, barely steamed to preserve its freshness; grilled; and au gratin - allowing diners to enjoy a variety of textures without losing the crab’s essence. A more traditional alternative is crab soup, the ideal comfort food to combat Ushuaia’s frigid temperatures.

Patagonian toothfish, better known as merluza negra, is another highly-anticipated delicacy for foodies in the know. Native to the southern Atlantic’s deep, icy waters - and therefore, very hard to catch - it’s world renowned for its velvety, melt-in-your-mouth texture.

At Reinamora, the fish is featured in two special dishes: baked in puff pastry and served with creamed spinach, or cooked on a cast iron grill and served with scalloped potatoes, black olives, and blueberry chutney.

Lamb - lean and flavorful, thanks to the area’s climate and rolling pastures - is yet another emblematic dish from Tierra del Fuego that can be prepared in new, exciting ways. For example, braised in Merlot and slow-cooked in a rich stew, or as a filling for sorrentinos, served with a creamy tomato sauce.  

Argentina is perhaps best known for its asado, which showcases the best of the country’s world-famous beef. Inspired by the traditional barbeque, this version with a twist includes a mix of three meats (including lomo, of course), as well as chorizo bombón (pork sausage), and grilled provoleta cheese. 

Reinamora also grows its own aromatic herbs and spices, which are then used to highlight and accentuate the flavor in every one of its dishes. 

The icing on the cake? The warmth and harmony that permeate the restaurant’s ambiance. Reinamora’s oversized picture windows face the shoreline; its walls are covered in lenga beechwood, an unmistakable tree native to Patagonia’s southernmost forests; and the dining chairs are draped in cozy sheepskin blankets.  

Additionally, the wine bar is located in the restaurant’s lobby next to a wood burning fireplace, which invites guests to enjoy a glass or two after a day of sightseeing, skiing, or just relaxing.

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